Earn rewards for your travel flexibility!
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    Learn about Flexibility Reward Option
    Earn rewards for your travel flexibility!    
    You can earn rewards of up to $100 per passenger if you are flexible to take an alternate flight.
    If you are booked on a flight but don't mind taking an alternate flight, you can earn rewards with FRo. FRo allows travelers to encash their travel flexibility. The rewards vary based on the particular airline and flights.
    How does it work?

    Book your flight with any of the Optiontown airline partners offering FRo.
    Retrieve your booking on Optiontown.com. Select up to 3 alternate flights you're willing to take and the latest time to move you to alternate flights.
    If Optiontown moves you to the alternate flight, you will be notified via email and will receive FRo rewards of up to $100 per passenger per one way. Even if you are not moved, you may still earn reward of up to $5 per passenger per one way.
    *FRo eligibility and rewards vary by airline, flights, seasonality and several other factors. You can check if your booking is eligible for FRo sign-up by retreiving your booking on Optiontown.com.
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    How can you maximize your chances to earn FRo rewards?
    Increase your chances of earning maximum FRo Rewards by taking the following steps:
    • Select the alternate flight with higher FRo reward
      FRo rewards vary for different alternate flights. Selecting the alternate flight with the highest FRo reward will maximize your reward value and also increase your chances to be moved to the alternate flight, and thus earn the FRo reward.
    • Choose more alternate flights
      Select multiple alternate flights that you're willing to take, in order to increase your chances to be rebooked and earn FRo rewards
    • Pick later rebook notification
      Pick your rebook notification (the latest time to move you to alternate flight) as close to your travel date as possible. The longer you can wait to be moved, the higher are your chances to be moved and the higher will be your reward amount.
    • Sign-up soon after booking your flight
      Sign-up as soon as you can after booking your flight. Only a limited number of FRo sign-ups are allowed per flight.
    • Sign-up more frequently
      Sign-up whenever you have some travel flexibility. The more you sign-up, the higher are your chances to earn rewards.
    FRo Benefits
    Substantial savings!
    Earn FRo rewards of up to $105 per passenger per one way, a substantial saving on your flight costs. Earn up to $5 in reward even if you are not moved.
    Minimal change in your schedule
    Select from a number of great options for alternate flights and dates to maintain full control over your schedule.
    A relaxed experience
    You also receive rebook notification before your selected timeline and within the comforts of your home or office. Advanced notice means you know your new flight details before going to the airport.
    Tailored to your convenience
    You decide the alternate flights, the latest time you are willing to be moved to the alternate flight and the reward amount.
    More chances to earn
    Traveling with others? Earn more! Everyone traveling on the same itinerary will earn the same reward. Those savings add up!
    Enjoy the same hospitality
    You'll enjoy the same inflight amenities and services irrespective of the alternate flight you take!


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